Submission Guidelines

Animal and Natural Resource Law Review is currently reviewing papers for Volume XVI, which is scheduled for publication in the summer of 2020.   Animal and Natural Resource Law Review carefully considers all manuscripts that it receives.   While we may reject an article for lack of space, we may also elect to hold over the article until the next volume.

Submissions will be considered year-round, but the deadline for acceptance for the sixteenth volume will be February 1, 2020. Articles are accepted on a rolling basis, so the volume may be full by that time. Submissions will be reviewed first by at least members of the Animal and Natural Resource Law Review Editorial Board, including the editor-in-chief, and then by the peer-review committee of law professor and writers, to assure quality of scholarship.

Electronic copies of articles should be submitted to the editor-in-chief at  Articles may also be submitted through the Expresso article management system. Articles of any length will be considered, but the Journal aims to include several articles consisting of a minimum of thirty pages.   We request that authors use footnotes, which should conform to the latest edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.

Please include your name, article title, contact information (address, phone numbers, and email address), affiliation, and biographical information with each submission.

Membership Guidelines

The Journal membership currently consists of students from the Michigan State University College of Law who have completed their first year of law school.

Prospective members should apply during the summer semester succeeding their first year of law school by participating in the All-Journal Write-on Competition for the College. This competition may require prospective members to submit a case note or appellate brief, as well as a Bluebook Exam. Furthermore, the Journal may elect to hold a fall semester write-on competition if additional associate editors are needed.

The Editorial Board will select those students whose writing samples and Bluebook exams demonstrate the prospective members’ interest in animal and/or natural resource law, as well as excellent writing and citation abilities for membership in ANRLR.

Students who join ANRLR during their second year of law school are eligible to become members of the editorial board for the upcoming year. The current editorial board will conduct the application and interview process for the incoming editorial board during the spring semester.

To learn more about joining ANRLR, check out our Journal Brochure.