2017 Journal of Animal and Natural Resource Law Symposium

Inevitably Vegan: The History and Future of the Meat Industry

The 2017 JANRL Symposium will be held on Thursday, March 30, 2017, from 1:30pm-6:30pm in the Castle Board Room at the Michigan State University College of Law. JANRL's Managing Editor, Jaime Nichols, with the help of his Symposium Committee, has assembled an excellent collection of scholars, practitioners, and experts to speak on the subject of this year's symposium. Although registration is open to the public, the Journal requests that all who plan to attend the Symposium register in advance of the event so an accurate meal count may be obtained.

Speaker Information:

  • Dr. Kerrie Saunders: Dr. Kerrie Saunders is an internationally known presenter, consultant and bestselling author with work featured on television and radio, and in several books and magazines. She is co-author of the Guidelines for a Standard of Care in Preventive and Integrated Medicine, and a contributing author to the blockbuster book, RETHINK FOOD, and her own book, The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention is now a Publishers BestSeller. Dr. Saunders is a featured expert in the upcoming EATING YOU ALIVE movie documentary on the use of food in medicine, and she supervised the world's first multi-university interdisciplinary curriculum on the use of food in medicine.  Her 'Super Simple Super Nutrition' food demo DVDs are available here for purchase TODAY!  Dr. Saunders has over 25 years? experience in diet and disease and body composition assessment consulting with patients and physicians nationwide. You can find more on her work at
  • Leolin Bowen: Leolin Bowen is a Food and Nutrition Specialist for The Humane Society of the United States. Leolin has collaborated with some of the nation's most influential school districts and higher education institutions to develop and implement innovative plant-based meal programs. Her writings on plant based eating have been published in media such as Momma Cuisine and Chicago-Woman and she also has been featured on Black Vegans Rock and Chroma Kitchen. Leolin was one of the co-founders of the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade and was a content manager and writer for the website The Vegan Woman. When she is not working to get more plants on people's plates, she is spending time with her son or exploring her local museums.
  • Professor Jason Rowntree: While helping farmers recover from the twin massive hurricanes that devastated Louisiana agriculture in 2005, Dr. Jason Rowntree then realized his life's work would be developing systems to increase the resilience of food production worldwide. As an associate professor of Animal Science at Michigan State University, he coordinates Lake City and UPREC AgBioResearch and Extension Centers where he addresses economic, environmental and social complexity in agriculture. He has obtained more than $2 million in funding to study how grazing livestock can improve land and mitigate climate change by capturing carbon and providing other ecosystem services. As an affiliate of the Center for Regional Food Systems, he strives to increase local food systems that strengthen local communities. He chairs the Grassfed Exchange, a leading U.S. grass-fed beef educational organization, is the scientific advisor and an accredited Holistic Management Educator for the Savory Institute and is an advisor of Standard Soil, a startup corporation that aims to meet the nation's growing demand for grass-finished beef while restoring the ecosystems they manage.
  • Lauri Lynn Torgerson-White: Lauri Torgerson-White is the Animal Welfare Specialist at Mercy For Animals, an international farmed animal protection organization. She works to ensure that the organization's advocacy efforts are based on the most current animal welfare science. Prior to her work in farmed animal advocacy, Lauri helped to develop the research program in the Center for Zoo Animal Welfare at the Detroit Zoo, where she served as the Center's first animal welfare research analyst. At the zoo, she worked with her colleagues to push the issue of zoo animal welfare to the forefront through international symposia and animal welfare courses for zoo professionals. She received her Master's degree in Zoology at Michigan State University where she studied mouse personality.
  • Kate Brindle: Kate Brindle is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Law, where she served as President of MSU's Student Animal Legal Defense Fund chapter and was the recipient of the Wanda A. Nash Award for helping to advance the field of animal law. During her third year of law school, she worked as a Litigation Clerk for the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Prior to attending law school, she worked for the Animals and Society Institute and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She also holds a bachelor's degree from New York University and a master's degree from Eastern Michigan University.

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